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cushion oval pear rectangle octagon marquise  
heart trillion square princess round fantasy  


faceted cuts laser cut designer cut mirror cut  
fantasy cut plate cabochon cuts brilliant cuts  


up to 100 € up to 500 € up to 1.000 € up to 5.000 € more than 5.000 €


Amethyst Ametrine Aquamarine Beryl Blue Topaz Citrine
Demantoide Diamond Edelberyll Precious Opal Fire Opal Golden Beryl
Garnet Imperial Topaz Indicolite Iolite Kunzite Mandarin Garnet
Morganite Peridot Quartz Smoky Quartz Rhodolite Rubellite
Ruby Rutilated Quartz Sapphire Emerald Spinel Spodumene
Tanzanite Topaz Tsavorite Tourmaline Green Tourmaline Zircon


loupe-clean/flawless eye clean very small inclusions
small inclusions moderately included translucent


up to 1 ct. up to 3 ct. up to 5 ct.
up to 10 ct. up to 20 ct. more than 20 ct.


colorless/white yellow orange green pink bicolor  
red blue violet brown black multicolored  


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