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Rarely sized garnet variety from Namibia.

Andradite Garnet round brilliant olive-green 6.86 ct

Andradite Garnet

Origin: Namibia (Green Dragon Mine) Namibia (Green Dragon Mine)
Weight: 6,86 ct.
Clarity: tiny inclusions INFO
Shape/Cut: round brilliant
Measures (mm): 11,34 x 7,23 INFO
Color: olive-green
Treatment: Untreated INFO
Certificate: >>
Retail-price: Retail-price: € 6,900.– INFO
Pieces available: 1

Shipping time: 2-4 working days from receipt of order or payment

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  • € 5,790.– VAT included

Round brilliant cut Andradite from the same source in Namibia where the famous Demantoid Garnets are found. Independent made colored stone report (GLA, Vienna) free of charge.

Last Update on 11/20/22

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