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Matched Quartz pair with thin tournaline needles.

Tourmaline-Quartz Pair rectangle fantasy colorless 37.51 ct

Tourmaline-Quartz pair

Origin: Brasilien (Minas Gerais) Brazil (Minas Gerais)
Weight: 37,51 ct.
Clarity: transparent
Shape/Cut: rectangle mastercut
Measures (mm): 20,0 x 15,0 x 8,0 & 19,9 x 14,5 x 9,0 INFO
Color: colorless
Treatment: Untreated INFO
Retail-price: Retail-price: € 210.– INFO
Pieces available: 1

Shipping time: 2-4 working days from receipt of order or payment

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  • € 105.– VAT included

Rock-Crystal pair displaying thin black Tourmaline needles. Rarely offered rectangle fantasy cut - some round carvings (bubbles) on the backside of each stone.

Last Update on 05/21/22

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